ProForm 440R Rower Review

ProForm 440r rower

by Becky

After giving birth to my second child, I was about 35 pounds overweight. I thought the baby weight would come off as easily as it did after I had my first child, but sadly, that was not the case. I knew I needed to lose the weight, not just for my children, but also for myself. I knew there were some medical problems in my family history linked to obesity and I did not want those problems to be in my future. Once I was cleared by my doctor to work out again, I began doing research on different home gym equipment. During my search, I discovered the home rowing machine and the ProForm 440R Rower.

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About The ProForm 440R Rower

This is a home rowing machine that does a nice job combining cardio and strength training. The rower has eight resistance levels and comes with an ergonomic soft padded handle to stop fatigue and to prevent slippage.

This rowing machine also comes with a large LCD screen so you can monitor your progress. The Proform 440R compares well with other market leaders, such as Stamina Products, and even out performs older versions of other Proform Rowers, such as the 550R.

Things we like

  • Two in one system for total body workout
  • Easy to use for most body types (weight limit is 250 lbs.)
  • Sleek and compact for easy storage

 Things we don’t like

  • Can be challenging to assemble
  • Inconsistent Quality Control has been reported
  • Advanced users may not feel challenged enough

Two machines in one

Rowing machine with upper body exercise

The 440R Rower is a two in one machine which offers a low pulley station, which offers expanded strength training options. The rower part of the machine helps you focus on getting a full body workout.

Rowing requires all the big muscle groups and will definitely get your heart-rate up to the appropriate levels for cardio exercise.  It literally takes the entire body working together to produce the proper rowing motion.

Check out a great technique video here


  • 8 Levels of Resistance
  • checkUpdated non-slip pull
  • check New and improved monitor
  • check250 lb weight limit

Weight limit.  With a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs., this is a good rower for some of us larger folks.

Updated pull bar.  The soft, Ergonomic handle makes grasping the pull bar better than in previous versions of this machine.  The non-slip handle will cut down on slippage. 

New and improved LCD monitor.  The larger LCD monitor helps Rowers keep a closer eye on their different statics throughout their workout.

Pivoting pedal with adjustable foot straps.  The pivoting pedal and adjustable foot straps will fit your foot most everyone’s foot size.

Cushioned, adjustable seat.  The adjustable, ergonomic, cushioned moves on an oversized, aluminum seat rail, which uses four wheels to keep the rowing motion smooth. Proform includes a bottle of grease in the packaging for the seat rail, to ensure that the product stays in good shape for a long time.

Compact design, which saves space around your house or apartment.  The 440R has a compact design that Proform calls their SpaceSaver® Design. The storage dimensions of the 440R are 30.0″L x 38.3″W x 48.0″H and the assembled dimensions are 76.6″L x 20.5″H x 38.3″W.

Easy fold-up.  You can breeze through disassembly by simply removing a pin, folding the machine up, and then reinserting the pin in the designated hole.  It only weighs 68 pounds, making it easy to fold up. The 440R’s compact design also means that it will fit in small closets.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

While researching the 440R Rower, of course I had to read some customer reviews of the product. I was rather pleased when I found a lot of five star reviews on this machine. Here are some of the reviews below:


As we all know, whenever you are doing research, there are always several different options for different products. Rowing machines are no exception. I was really amazed at all the different choices. Here are a few other options to consider:

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

Sunny Health & Fitness is company that produces rowing machines. Their rowing machines have many of the same features that the 440R Rower has as well. 

This machine has 8 levels of resistance and fully padded handlebars and rowing seat. It also comes with an LCD monitor for tracking your progress and large, slip-resistance pedals with adjustable straps. 

sunny health and fitness magnetic rowing machine

The maximum weight for this machine is 250 pounds as well. As far as price, it is competitive with the 440R Rower. I would recommend this product to the same customers that I would the 440R. These machines are so similar, they would have the same benefits as the 440R as well.

With all their similarities, there are definitely some differences between these rowing machines. Here are some comparison points between the 440R Rower and the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515:


oBoth products have pretty much the same features – 8 levels of resistance, padded handlebar and seat, LCD monitor, provides full total body workout.

oBoth products are around the same price point.

oBoth are compact for optimal storage.


oConsumers said that assembling the SF-RW5515 was a lot easier than the 440R.

oThe SF-RW5515 LCD monitor does not track the total distance of your strokes, while the 440R does track distance.

oConsumers said that the LCD monitor on the SF-RW5515 is a lot smaller than the 440R, making the screen hard to see.

Overall, The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 is a really good alternative for the 440R Rower since they are so similar. You can check out theirs website for more info here

Stamina ATS Air Rower

Stamina is a fitness company that also produces and markets rowing machines. Their rowing machine, the Stamina ATS Air Rower, is a rowing machine that is similar to the 440R rower.

ATS Air Rower uses air resistance, which means that the resistance level is adjusted to the amount of effort your put towards the row. It also comes with a monitor to track speed, distance, time, and calories burned. 

The ATS Air Rower comes with a soft, padded seat for comfort and padded, non-slip handlebars. The ATS Air Rower can also be folded up to be out of the way when extra space is needed. The maximum weight is 250 pounds, and it has a competitive price point among other rowing machines on the market. I would recommend this machine more towards people who wanted to get more of a cardio workout rather than strength training. Since there’s no defined level of resistance, I would assume strength training would be harder than with a machine with defined levels of resistance.

Compared to the 440R Rower, here are the major similarities and differences between these two rowing machines.


oBoth products have a monitor for tracking speed, distance, time and calories burned.

oPadded seats and handle bars

oFoldable frame

oCompetitive price points


oThe ATS Air Rower does not track total strokes or strokes per minute, whereas, the 440R does.

oThe ATS Air Rower comes with a chrome rail and the 440R comes with an aluminum rail.

oThe ATS Air Rower has a metal rowing chain and the 440R has a cable.

oThe ATS Air Rower comes with floor protectors.

oThe ATS Air Rower has an angled seat rail for easier return, whereas, the 440R does not.

oThe ATS Air Rower uses Air resistance. The 440R has the resistance gear and you change your resistance level manually.

There some major differences in the Stamina ATS Air Rower and the 440R Rower. Check out more about the Stamina ATS Air Rower on their website.

The ProForm 550R Rower

If you are still considering using Proform as your main company for a rowing machine, you should also check out the 550R Rower. The 550R still has many of the same features as the 440R, including the same LCD monitor that tracks the same statistics of your workout.

ProForm 550R Rower

ProForm 550R rowing machine

The 550R also has a soft, ergonomic handlebar and a well cushioned seat. The 550R features the same pivoting foot pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps. The 550R can also support anyone up to 250 pounds. The 550R folds up nice and compact with Proform’s SpaceSaver® design. However, the 550R is a little bit more expensive than the 440R, and this machine uses air resistance.

Here are some key similarities and differences between the 550R and the 440R:


oTracks the same statistics: distance, time, speed, total strokes, strokes per minutes, and calories burned.

oFolds up with the same SpaceSaver® design

oSame ergonomic, padded handlebar and seat

oSame pivoting foot pedals and adjustable food straps

oHandles the same weight limit


oThe 550 R handlebar is adjustable to accommodate changing the level of air speed resistance.

oThere is a built-in fan available on the 550R.

oThe 550R is more expensive than the 440R.

oThe 500R’s LCD monitor has a much smaller screen than the 440R.

oThe 550R has a steel seat, whereas, the 440R has an aluminum seat.

Check out more of Proform products, including the 550R Rower on their website.


Overall, I feel like the 440R is a really great rowing machine. It can be used for all age groups and all levels of rowing training from beginner to expert. The 440R is a great piece of equipment to add to your home gym. 

For more information about the 440R or to purchase this rowing machine, please visit their website here.


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